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19 September 2019
TO BE READY, Kick-off meeting and Public event on 20 and 21 September at the Fiera del Levante

The TO BE READY project partnership will meet on Friday 20 September for its first Steering Committee and Kick-off Meeting in the framework of the International fair “Fiera del Levante” in Bari.

A great opportunity for all the partnership to focus on the role of civil protection with the main institutional representatives of the involved countries; in fact, Saturday 21 September with the presence of Angelo Borrelli, Head of the National Department of Civil Protection, the President of Molise Region,  Donato Toma and the President of Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano and the main civil protection experts.

During the two working days the project "TO BE READY" funded under the Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme will be officially launched in high level public conference, underlying the strategies for the prevention and management of natural risk by strengthening the cooperation between the different institutional levels, the capacities and the skills of the various actors involved in the management of emergencies.

The project, led by the Molise Region, and just started, represents a further step for the improvement of the Civil Protection system to which the Molise Region and the other project partners, has constantly improved in recent years, actively working with other partner institutions in the Ionian Adriatic area in the optics of a strategic vision reinforcing its organizational structure, both in promoting the importance of the concepts of prevention, risk management and resilience.

Among the partners of the TO BE READY project present beyond the Puglia Region, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Albania and the Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro, areas characterized by a distributed operational wealth that must be enhanced with simplified rules and homogeneous processes; the Molise Region has the honor of coordinating emergency prevention and management activities according to guidelines that take into account the peculiarities of local institutions in pre-accession countries, with which to share emergency decisions.

Working together in the so-called “peacetime", that is, in the absence of major natural disasters, to prepare to better face emergencies: this is the fundamental rule of every modern civil protection system, and in this case it is what the TO BE READY project partners are doing.