Technical info day of the project TO BE READY

24 May 2022
Technical info day of the project TO BE READY

The Civil Protection Section of the Apulia Region presented, on 24th May 2022, the actions of international cooperation for territory management to PhD students and students of the University of Bari Aldo Moro as part of the course Agenda 2030 Sustainable Land Management.

In fact, the Civil Protection Section, through the TO BE READY project, with the collaboration of the Department of Agroalimentary and Territorial Sciences of the University of Bari (DISAAT) and with the involvement of the Joint Secretariat of the INTERREG Italy-Albania-Montenegro programme and the Taranto Eastern Littoral Reserve Authority, participated in a technical info day organised by the University of Bari "Aldo Moro" on sustainable land management, with the aim of deepening the issues concerning the management of territorial and environmental complexity, in line with the objectives of the Agenda 2030.

The Civil Protection of the Apulia Region presented the territorial cooperation projects in which is engaged with the aim of strengthening international cooperation and prompt response to emergencies that have to be addressed together with cross-border countries, mainly Croatia, Greece, Albania and Montenegro.

The aim of the info day was to explain to PhD students and university students the role of civil protection and raise awareness about possible territorial risks and the culture of civil protection, and to present the results obtained through participation in projects funded by territorial cooperation programmes such as INTERREG Italy-Albania-Montenegro, INTERREG Greece-Italy and INTERREG Italy-Croatia.

The importance of collaboration between the various actors involved, in both the territorial planning and emergency management phases, was also emphasised, as occurred in the framework of the above-mentioned projects in which various local authorities and stakeholders collaborated, with different skills and roles.

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